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Zeolite Clinoptilolite is microporous, aluminosilicate minerals commonly used as commercial adsorbents and catalysts.

Zeolite Clinoptilolite occurs naturally but are also produced industrially on a large scale. As of September 2016, 232 unique zeolite frameworks have been identified, and over 40 naturally occurring zeolite frameworks are known.

Sometimes spelled mistaken as zeoliet, Every new zeolite structure that is obtained is examined by the International Zeolite Association Structure Commission and receives a three letter designation. Frederick Mumpton calls it La Roca Magica, "The Magic Mineral", at his most refered to article, " The employments of characteristic zeolites in farming and industry". Mumpton calls it mystical because of its huge number of employments like in pozzolanic bond; as lightweight totals; in the drying of corrosive gases; in the partition of oxygen from air; in the expulsion of NH3 from drinking water and civil wastewater; in the extraction of Cs and Sr from atomic squanders and the alleviation of radioactive aftermath; as dietary supplements to enhance creature generation; as soil revisions to enhance cation-trade limits (CEC) and water sorption limits; as soilless zeoponic substrate for nurseries and space missions; in the aeration of creature litter, stables, cinder plate, iceboxes, and athletic footwear; in the expulsion of ammoniacal nitrogen from saline hemodialysis arrangements; and as bactericides, bug sprays, and acid neutralizers for individuals and creatures. We are pleased to report that the utilization regions of zeolite have just been multiplied amid the most recent 20 years. Presently you can discover zeolite in your toothpastes, channels, garments, in your beauty care products, possibly at your cleanser, in your divider or window, inside your fridge, forced air system. Most likely inside a few things at your home that you could never figure.

Please find Zeolite Analysis Report below.

Zeolite Analysis Report

What Are Zeolite Benefits ?

  • 100% safe and non-toxic at any level: All traces of the mineral are completely eliminated out of the body within 6 to 8 hours. It is safe to take with most medications (as long as they are not heavy metal based), but as always you should check with a medical professional first.
  • Removes heavy metals & toxins: Micronized zeolite has the perfect molecular structure for capturing and removing heavy metals from the body without removing healthy ions and minerals. (as explained in diagram above). Many people report feeling increased energy, clarity and vitality after removing heavy metal build-up.
  • Helps balance body's pH levels to a healthy alkalinity: Whenever micronized zeolite is introduced to the body, it buffers the system towards slightly alkaline (pH 7.35 to 7.45), which is a optimum pH for the human body. Zeolite attracts and then buffers excess protons which cause acidity and in this way can help many conditions from acid reflux to Candida and arthritis.
  • Zeolite is very easy to take: Most detoxification products are difficult to take and many must be injected into the blood or administered such as an enema. Zeolite works at the cellular level, has no taste or odor and it can be taken on an empty stomach. (you wont even know you are taking it)

Mumpton portrays the zeolite as a "crystalline, hydrated aluminosilicate of antacid and soluble earth cations having an interminable, open, threedimensional structure.

It is further ready to lose and gain water reversibly and to trade extraframework cations, both without change of precious stone structure. The expansive basic holes and the section channels driving into them contain water particles, which frame hydration circles around replaceable cations.

Zeolite powder is a magnet that can hold cations, similar to overwhelming metal, smelling salts, low level radioactive components, poisons, a few scents, petrochemicals, a wide range of sort of gases and a large number of different arrangements. It is a very permeable wipe with an expansive surface territory that can ingest water up to 40% of its weight.

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zeolite powder in bucket


zeolite powder in bucket