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Leonardite fertilizer products are the best organic soil organizers in world. Contains high percentage of microorganisms.

Leonardite is a characteristic type of humates, totally natural in nature and helpful in a wide assortment of uses.

Leonardite is found all through the world, despite the fact that the mines close Williston, North Dakota are novel because of the reality Leonardite happens between layers of mud, which keep different minerals and polluting influences from siphoning into the Leonardite, bringing about an item that is more unadulterated. Various tests have been directed which substantiate the way that our Leonardite reliably demonstrates more elevated amounts of carbon content, bringing about a higher humic substance.

Leonardite powder is a delicate waxy, dark or darker, glossy, vitreous mineraloid that is effectively solvent in antacid arrangements.

It is an oxidation result of lignite, related with close surface mining.It is a rich wellspring of humic corrosive (up to 90%)and is utilized as a dirt conditioner, as a stabilizer for particle trade gums in water treatment,in the remediation of contaminated situations and as a boring additive.It was named after A. G. Leonard, first chief of the North Dakota Geological Survey, in acknowledgment of his work on these deposits.

Leonardite Humic Acid for sale in Turkey with extremely low prices cause it is widely used as raw material for producing humic acid.

Please find Leonardite Analysis Report below.

Leonardite Analysis Report
Leonardite Analysis Report Values